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Do a Lot of Parents Hire a Spanish Tutor for Their Child in Brookline?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 3, 2016 6:28:14 PM / by Tyler Haire

Tyler Haire

do a lot of parents get a Spanish tutor for their child in Brookline


The simple answer: YES!

As you have probably seen by through a quick Google search there are a lot of Spanish tutors available in Brookline and the greater Boston area. Here's the reason why: tutoring in Spanish is in high demand! 

There are a lot of reasons why people are looking for a tutor for themselves or for a child. Perhaps it's to help their children catch up in school or to prep for the Spanish SAT II. Whatever the reason, a lot of parents hire Spanish tutors for their children in Brookline. If you think this is a good option for you, consider signing up for a consultation now or keep reading to find out how exactly a Spanish tutor can help your student succeed:

Why a Lot of Parents Get a Spanish Tutor for Their Child in Brookline:

There is never a bad reason for you to get a Spanish tutor for your child. But there are a lot of good reasons — here are the top three motivations for parents to hire a Spanish tutor:

1. It's hard to keep up

Most parents only ever think about how their children are doing in school when they receive report cards. But in order for their children to achieve in school, they need to get the support before they start to struggle. In a lot of cases, students may become too far behind to be able to catch up. We know parents have a lot on their plate — a local tutor can follow up with teachers and put a learning plan in place for that student. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is on the right path. 

2. They don't know how to speak Spanish

You can probably help your child with their math, social studies, and history homework based on your own knowledge. But unless you speak Spanish fluently, you're probably not comfortable helping them strive beyond the colors and the alphabet. (If you think you may be able to teach your kids, check out this post on the difference on Ser vs Estar to test your memory. ) High-level learning is where a tutor can step in to set them up for success. 

3. Learning a second language is important for college prospects and possible career options

College admissions are getting progressively more competitive every year. If your child is fluent in a second language, they can capitalize this impressive attribute and and reach a high Spanish SAT II score. Some Brookline students that really excel in Spanish may be able to parlay that success into a career. A tutor that has made this transition from student to bilingual professional (like me)  can serve as s role model for your student and help them find the motivation to continue learning. 


Is a tutor right for your student?

You aren't alone in wanting to help your child succeed in Spanish as a second language. Many parents are getting Spanish tutors for their child in Brookline. If any of these three motivations for hiring a tutor have resonated with you, consider reaching out to set up a free consultation and tutoring lesson. 




Tyler Haire

Written by Tyler Haire

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