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How to Get Extra Help With Spanish Homework in Brookline

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 25, 2016 3:01:51 PM / by Tyler Haire

Tyler Haire

Do you have a tough assignment that you just can't figure out? Have you missed some classes and don't know what your teacher is talking about? You may want to think about finding some extra help for your Spanish homework. Brookline has a lot of resources available to you. 

1. Brookline High School

Brookline High School offers access to really helpful resources, like the Britanica Escolar, which is a language-level specific encyclopedia. Select the primary or secondary version depending on the skill of your student.


BHS also has an awesome selection of Spanish books and other resources, which you can use for research or advanced reading. Learn more about the resources available at BHS here.

2. Brookline Public Library

The Brookline Public Library is part of the Minute Man Library System, which offers a subscription to Mango Languages. Mango is an amazing resource for anyone that is learning a language. They have content and courses online for 71 different languages. 


If you already have a membership to either the Brookline Public Library or to the Minuteman Library Network, you can use this resource by going here. If not, it's easy to become a member of your library as a town or city resident. Check out this resource for more information about how to sign up for these cool language-learning opportunities. 

3. Pen Pals

Yes, pen pals are an old school way to learn a language. But they're still super helpful! Now that most people write emails instead of handwritten letters, writing pen pals is just a "click" away. Talk to your student's teacher about setting up a pen pal program for their class, or help your student get access to a native speaker for questions with their homework. 

All of these resources are free and available to anyone that lives in Brookline, MA. They require that you and your student do a little more homework to hunt down information. With that said, the resources are always there for you. If you still think that you need extra help with Spanish homework in Brookline, consider setting up a free consultation with a local tutor

Want more ideas on how to help your Spanish student?

 Take a look at our student help checklist to get concrete ideas that can make learning Spanish a positive experience. This resource is a great way to figure out what your next steps should be.


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Tyler Haire

Written by Tyler Haire

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