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How to Get Better Grades in Spanish for Your Child in 4 Easy Steps

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 23, 2016 3:46:48 PM / by Tyler Haire

Tyler Haire

How many people do you know that can only remember two or three phrases in another language despite taking years of classes or even travelling abroad? Learning a second language isn't easy — that's why were apt to forget those years of high school Spanish.

how to get better grades in spanish 

For many people, there is an invisible hump that they never seem to get over. They want the language to finally click for them, so they are able to remember it forever or speak fluently. Before any student gets to that point, they need to feel comfortable with what they are learning in a classroom environment. 

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How to Get Better Grades in Spanish for My Child

Step One: Speak to Their Teacher

Find out what your child is learning and where the trouble started. A lot of times, kids miss fundamental lessons — these issues can be corrected by simply revisiting those points in a review session. Make sure to talk to the teacher to find out more about their teaching style or of any impending test coming up. This information may influence the timing of any next steps you want to make to help your student. 

Step Two: Talk to Your Child

Maybe your child doesn't like his or her teacher and needs to switch to a different class. Perhaps a child is having issues with other students. Or maybe the student just need to review a basic priciple like the difference between Ser and Estar. If the classroom has become a stressful learning environment, they may require a different setting to succeed in learning Spanish as a second language. 

Step Three: Set Goals

Is getting better grades in Spanish your only goal for your student? Is learning a second language for college admissions an aspiration? Do you want to be able to travel to Spanish speaking countries? 

Defining your goals with your child doesn't have to be difficult. This conversation should be mutually beneficial, painting the bigger picture. Start by finding out what is motivating you and your child to learn Spanish and perform better in school.

Step Four: Develop a Plan of Action

With these goals in mind, you can develop a plan for how your child will get better grades in Spanish. This is a good time for a brainstorm of things you have or have not tried. There are always language apps, music, movies, flash cards, and private Spanish tutors available — don't rule out anything immediately.

Lastly, make sure to check in on their progress. Are his or her assignments  getting better grades? Are their efforts enought to hit the grades in Spanish class that you are shooting for? The semester is always shorter than it seems. Don't let time slip away before you find the right recipe to help you child succeed in learning a second language. 

Interested in more ideas to help your child with learning Spanish? Download the checklist below!


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Tyler Haire

Written by Tyler Haire

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